The program is a fully personalized learning experience based on a mentoring system and a study schedule tailored to each student´s needs and interests. Cultural inmersion and rapid language adquisition is facilitated by homestay accomodations, altough other housing alternatives are available.


The academic offer includes AAEH professors that teach GE courses that can be credited in the U.S., and that complement the courses offered by our partner university, ESEADE of Buenos Aires. Other reputed Argentine universities such as Universidad del Salvador or Universidad Austral can be included as alterntatives.


Students will be exposed at ESEADE to Argentina´s entrepreneurial environment, and will have other available options, including coworking facilities. A large number of internship possibilities (see list) are open in more formal organizations, ranging from high-tech to arts and journalism.


A central pillar of AAEH´s study abroad program is Community and Social Service. The non-profit and social and community action sector is also vibrant in Argentina, and offers students diverse opportunities to put their effort, skills and initiative to help the needy.


Last but no least, the life-changing experience includes  immersive discovery of Argentina and South America’s people and landscapes through AUTHENTIC ARGENTINA services.


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