For accomodations, students will live in a homestay with authentic Argentine families in Buenos Aires. This is at the core of AAEH´s cultural immersion experience. The students will be sharing breakfast and dinner. This way the student will have the chance to immerse directly with the local culture. Also we know this is a challenge, we have a vast experience in dealing with cultural differences and we are prepared to switch students to a different home as is needed. We strongly believe that this system is way better than just placing students in a residence hall or dormitories.

Students host-families are carefully chosen, and all have already had Homestay background with U.S. students.

To facilitate the homestay-matching process, students complete a homestay questionnaire with information regarding hobbies, interests, level of fluency in Spanish, religion, experience with international travel, dietary restrictions, appropriate medical information (i.e. allergies, physical disabilities, etc) and a space to describe themselves and include preferences for a homestay. If a homestay does not work out, the housing coordinator will work closely with the student and AAEH staff to ensure placement with another family.

Patricia Sardo, Homestay Coordinator at AAEH, has been hosting U.S. students at Buenos Aires for more than a decade. She is ready to do all that is needed to guarantee that both families and visiting students, enjoy wonderful experiences from it.


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