Each student works through the challenges of the AAEH semester in Buenos Aires together with a mentor. Mentors take responsibility for guaranteeing the success of the AAEH experience of their mentee, both from the academic, and the personal enrichment point of view.

The mentor can be a visiting professor, local professor, a AAEH staff, or other carefully chosen professional with previous mentoring experience. Students and mentors meet at a regular basis, and in special occasions or when both students and mentors agree to do so.

The mentoring relationship is monitored by the Program Director of AAEH, Rafael Martinez de Sanzo, who has significant years of experience guiding visiting students.

At AAEH, each student is considered as a uniquely endowed individual, that will be accompanied in boosting strengths and managing weaknesses. Thus mentoring is taken very seriously as the opportunity to build personal confidence in a crucial moment of the students life.

Mentors prepare a midterm and final individual mentoring report, which includes an assessment of all aspects of the student´s performance while in Buenos Aires.


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